Weekender Storage Site Rules

The following rules are provided to ensure a safe, secure and pleasant experience for all of Weekender Storage's customers.

  1. Vehicles stored on-site must be insured against loss.  Vehicle insurance policy information, vehicle identification number(s) (VIN) or hull number(s) and vehicle registration information must be on-file with Weekender Storage prior to being stored on-site.
  2. Only vehicles and items listed in the Rental Agreement are permitted to be stored on site.  Storage of any other vehicles or items must first be added to your Rental Contract and are at the discretion of Weekender Storage.
  3. Gate codes must be used upon entry and exit of facility.  No drafting behind other vehicles.
  4. Gate codes should always be kept private. If you believe your gate code has been compromised, please notify the office and a new gate code will be issued.
  5. Maximum 5 MPH is enforced throughout the facility.
  6. All forms of trailers and fifth wheels must be fully immobilized with tire chocks.  Weekender Storage can provide chocks if necessary.
  7. Only Inflatable rubber tires are permitted to contact asphalt.  Everything else must rest on pads (wood, plastic, or cinder block) to prevent damage to the asphalt.  This includes stabilizing jacks and solid rubber/plastic swivel wheels common to many trailer jacks.
  8. Electrical power is provided as a customer convenience while on-site and for unattended battery maintenance.  All other uses are prohibited while vehicles are unattended.
  9. Only gray and black water containing commercially available RV chemical treatments is permitted in the sanitary dump station.  No other materials or chemicals are permitted. 
  10. Sanitary dump station to be left in clean condition after each use.
  11. Food or other items that could potentially attract pests are discouraged on-site.  Foodstuffs in RVs should be protected in air-tight, pest-proof containers.
  12. Only minor/routine vehicle, RV or boat maintenance allowed on site.
  13. Use of tarps is discouraged and at Management's discretion.
  14. Children should be supervised and remain in close proximity to an adult at all times while on site.  Please alert children to the likelihood of unexpected, slow to stop, traffic and large vehicles with limited visibility and often in backing in etc.
  15. Pets need to be leashed or in vehicles at all times while on site.  Please use the surrounding fields outside of the facility for pets to relieve themselves and immediately clean up any accidents that occur on-site.
  16. Gate hours are 6 AM to 9 PM.  Please exit facility prior to 9 PM to avoid triggering the security system.
  17. Customers entering the facility have the right of way.  When exiting the facility, please yield to oncoming traffic.
  18. Smoking is not permitted on-site.

Please notify the office immediately if:

  1. Your vehicle or any other vehicle is leaking fluids.  This will help Weekender Storage avoid damage to asphalt and concrete.
  2. Any area of the facility requires maintenance.
  3. You notice any suspicious, dangerous, inappropriate, or destructive activity occurring on-site. 
  4. If the office is closed please call (360) 841-8594 and leave a message.  Messages are received and responded to in real-time by Weekender Storage.